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15 Aug 2019

What does aperture mean? What setting should I have my camera on when taking product photos? I give away my professional product photography secrets.

28 May 2019

Let's start with looking at your profile on Instagram. If someone saw a post of yours or a comment you made and clicked on your Instagram username so they...

31 Jan 2019

It sounds counterproductive, even silly, to even consider the idea of giving away your photos free, but I promise it isn't as scary as you think. As a prof...

18 Oct 2018

I'm often asked how and why I came to set up a business centred around styled product photography. So today, I thought I'd answer some of the common qu...

28 Sep 2018

How Instagrammable is this time of year? The cold weather is starting to set in, everyone is slowing down and the beautiful colours that define this wonderful...

18 Sep 2018

I think it's safe to say that autumn has arrived. The cold weather already has me wrapped up in a blanket at my desk and my morning walks are becoming bris...

11 Sep 2018

I recently wrote a blog post exploring my services as a 'Social Media Manager', with a quick confession about my cheeky obsession with Love Island. Tod...

7 Sep 2018

We've all come across beautifully laid out Instagram posts, aesthetically pleasing and full of engaging and interesting content. But how the hell do these...

28 Aug 2018

I get it. The festive season feels like a million miles away. Before you know it though, I can guarantee Christmas will be upon you. If you've been thinkin...

21 Aug 2018

I'm going to share with you 5 simple tips for styling your lovely products using examples from shoots I've styled and shot for my clients. As selling e...

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