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All About... Aperture - Digital Download
  • All About... Aperture - Digital Download


    What is aperture? What setting should the aperture be on when taking pictures of my products?


    The number of different settings on your camera can often feel overwhelming, even if you read the camera's instruction manual fifteen times! However, nailing pictures of your products is a must so mastering your camera settings could be a game changer for the look and feel of your brand as well as your sales. I shoot product photography almost daily and so I know my camera settings like the back of my hand and I want to help others learn more about their camera too.


    This A5 PDF digital download is the perfect help sheet to guide and remind you what the different aperture settings on your camera mean. Using this help sheet as as a reference, you can try shooting on different 'f' stops with some understanding of what the results will be. The PDF includes basic, simplified information regarding aperture settings put together by myself based on my own experiences but each camera and lens is different. If you'd like to learn more about your specific camera settings, I also offer 1:1 photography workshops.




    Downloading this file will allow you access to a 1-page A5 coloured PDF which you can view on your device or choose to print.


    I recommend printing a copy and sticking it up where you usually shoot your products!




    Happy snapping! GdL x



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      *This is a digital download, not a physical item!*

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