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Find Time to Watch the Love Island Final with GdL Social Media

Bristol Social Media Management

One of my favourite parts of the job is helping you lovely lot grow your businesses through effective social media content. Gone are the days where social media is just an additional feature, a nice-to-have alongside the wonderful businesses you’ve developed. Today it is an important, and often vital, tool for connecting with your customers, engaging an audience and selling gorge products or services.

With constant talk of algorithm updates and new platforms, the online world can seem an incredibly daunting place. Saturated by successful accounts, you can often find yourself sat in front of the computer screen, confused and wondering how, or if, you’ll ever reach the same level of exposure as these other brands. This takes time away from the more important things in life, like running your business, walking your dog or watching the Love Island final (I think we can all finally admit we're a little bit hooked).

Social Media Management

Well, that’s where I come in. Social media takes time, research and understanding, and (luckily) it’s something I absolutely love to do. After a chat over the phone or a quick cup of tea - sorry, no coffee here - I'll plan how we are going to use social media to take your business forward.

With a focus on Instagram, I offer anything from full management to content creation and scheduling, and I'm always excited to take on new clients and help them share their story. Aesthetically driven but content savvy, not many photographers offer a fully bespoke social media content package as well.

So what exactly is the GdL Social Media Management package? It's pretty hefty and full of lot's of different levels of management, so I've broken it down a little for you to digest. Let's have a look now, and if you decide it's something you need, then drop me a line and we can get started!

The Social Media Management Package

Small business social media management

This is my complete monthly package for businesses that don't have time for social media, want to take their online presence to the next level or are desperate to see a direct correlation between their social engagement and sales. Bespoke and totally tailored to your brand, everything I produce for my clients is different from the last - that's what makes it so exciting for us both.

At £240 per month, I guarantee you'll receive:

  • 1 Instagram post per day

  • 2 Instagram & Facebook stories per week

  • 1 Facebook post per day

  • 1 Twitter post per day

This can be upgraded to £320 with Grow, a package that also ensures 4 hours of carefully targeted engagement every month. This one is super popular at the moment and enhances my core services.

And if you want some pretty pictures to match, I can make this part of my Excel deal for £440 with 20-30 bespoke lifestyle photographs specifically created to showcase your brand. Sounds like the dream right?

styled product photography

Well, I also offer a few more add ons to make your life a little easier. Yeah, when I'm not cuddling my dog Spoke, I pretty much live and breathe the social world.

Bristol photographer

Here are some one offs to choose from:

  • Initial clean up (+£80)

  • 1 campaign (+£100)

  • 1 paid promotion (from +£40)

  • List of Instagram Collaborators (+£50)

  • Half day photo shoot (+£190)

  • Full day photo shoot (+£350)

With my packages, I will never charge a set up fee or lock you into a contract, so if once summer's over and Love Island's off your screen, you realise you've got a bit more time to dedicate to social media, that's totally up to you.


If any of the above sounds of interest to you, or you'd just like a chat about what I can offer, then please fill out my enquiry form or say hello on my Instagram.



I'm Georgia, a styled product photographer, social media manager and content creator working with brands...

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