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Why It's Worth Investing in a Professional Photographer

Professional Product Photography

I recently wrote a blog post exploring my services as a 'Social Media Manager', with a quick confession about my cheeky obsession with Love Island (is anyone else still sad that it's over?). But there's still a whole other element to my job that I've yet to discuss with you guys.

As someone who feels totally at home behind the lens of a camera, I feel incredibly lucky to have successfully factored this passion into my business. Now a professional product stylist photographer, a lot of my time is spent shooting for lovely brands and businesses, creating visual content they can use for their own marketing purposes.

Now, I could sit here and list out all the various packages I offer and be done with it, but I don't think that does justice to the value professional photography can bring to a brand. That's why today I thought I'd use a little demonstration from one of my lovely clients, Jodie Gaul, and show how and why my photography services can actually make a huge difference to your brand identity and growth. From this, I hope you'll have more of clear idea of what I do and how it can be of service to you!

Styled Product Photography

"Georgia has helped me to understand, direct and brand my business based on her beautiful timeless styling and photography."

Lifestyle Product Photography

Jodie Gaul

Jodie is the founder of Illustrate My Name, a brand that produces unique and personalised gifts. She's a creative mother of two, who, like me, has managed to transform her talents into a fully-fledged career. From artwork to cards and gifts, it's been wonderful to see Jodie's passion flourish into a brand with its own online store.

Now, when it comes to photographing a product-based business, there's a common misconception that it's easy. Surely you just lay down your product, grab a camera and get snapping, right?

Well, there's much more to the process than most people initially think. I'm going to talk through it now.

I get to know you

When it comes to producing styled photography for any of my clients, the first thing I do is get to know their brand. After a thorough read of your current website and social media feeds, I'll get a clear idea about your business; knowing your vision and where you want your brand to go is integral to the success of my work.

With Jodie, it was a case of getting know each other over Instagram, where she was able to see me actively engaging with other creatives and sharing my work. I love chatting with people via social media, so if you ever want to say a more informal hello, then it's always worth catching me over there too!

I know it can be scary

Once Jodie and I virtually met, she asked me to photograph some of her lovely products. Like many, the prospect of bringing in professional help can feel incredibly daunting; you don't know me and with any creative process, it's really difficult to demonstrate the long-term benefits straight away.

To hear from Jodie that my work has been worthwhile is truly the most wonderful feeling and it really reminds me why photography is the heart and soul of my business.

"You think I’ll get a professional photographer on board... debate the investment, think I can do it ok, well this lady proves that you should make that investment, that change."


Jodie Gaul / Illustrate My Name Instagram Feed

What I can guarantee you

With that being said, you're probably wondering what my product styling photography entails and why it's received such lovely feedback.

Firstly, I think it has to do with the way I style. A big advocate of lifestyle imagery, I always create a setting for products that helps customers envision it within their home. Colour coordinated and full of carefully considered props, I create content and imagery in-keeping with your overall brand identity; that's why getting to grips with your vision is essential to my work!

Another element I'd like to mention is the consistency of my work. As a social media content creator for Instagram, I understand the importance of visual coherence and I particularly enjoy helping every one of my clients realise where they want their brand to head. My photography will help establish your brand identity and use this to help you grow and reach more customers.


Jodie Gaul / Illustrate My Name Instagram Feed


So if you're interested in hiring me for my photography services, then please get in touch via my contact form or simply get in touch via my Instagram - it's as simple as that!

G x



I'm Georgia, a styled product photographer, social media manager and content creator working with brands...

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