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Why You Should Book Your GdL Christmas Photoshoot Now

Christmas wreath

I get it. The festive period feels like a million and one miles away. Summer hasn't even officially ended yet, and you're probably still coming down from the high of being on holiday, settling back into the routine of work or thinking about doing the first school run of the season.

Before you know it though, I can guarantee Christmas will be upon you. And, as an independent business, it's likely to be a very busy time of year. Forget slipping into a woolly jumper and tucking into a mince pie every other day; the run up to the festivities will be filled with orders and packaging up products as you take on a whole new influx of keen customers.

It can also be an incredibly lucrative and rewarding time of the year, so it's important to be prepared, if only to avoid the stress of it all. If you plan to sell a special Christmas range or some sparkly new products, then the first thing you'll be requiring is some great photography to show of your lovely gifts.

If you've been thinking about booking a shoot with me, then I urge you to take the plunge and get something down in the calendar. Not only will it be another thing ticked off your to do list, good photography can transform your brand's performance during the Christmas season. And that will certainly be the most rewarding gift of all.

Mince Pies, a Cup of Tea and a Christmas Card

You can build a proper Christmas campaign

Half the work behind a successful product campaign lies with the photography. In an increasingly visual and online marketplace, it's important to include photography that not only captures your products, but demonstrates the very essence of your brand. If you're not showing off what you're all about at every corner, then you're definitely missing out on a chance to appeal to your customers and bring in some more sales.

And at Christmas time, it's a whole different kettle of fish to play with. With so many imaginative products and campaigns hitting the shelves in a bid to come out on top, the marketplace is already so much bigger and competitive. To stand out, you won't only need your awesome little products, but some unique and bespoke photography that best demonstrates what your gifts are all about.

My photography is thoughtfully styled with your brand in mind, as seen above with photography for Stupid Egg. With my packages, you can build up a truly eye catching campaign that will make its mark on the Christmas gift scene.

Get featured in the Etsy Christmas Guides and Not on the High Street

A lot of the photography I produce for my lovely clients is specially styled by me with Etsy and Not on the High Street in mind. And last year, Etsy launched a series of Christmas gift guides that proved incredibly popular. You may already have an Etsy shop, but a lot of customers will approach their Christmas shopping with themes in mind, so gift guides often make it an easier and more manageable experience.

The same goes for Not on the High Street. After a quick look at their site, their marketplace is already awash with products geared towards Christmas, and it's only set to increase the closer we get to the 25th. It's worth mentioning that my images have previously been featured on their home page, so to ensure your gifts stand the best chance of being promoted, a styled product photography shoot with me is worth the investment. See below an image for Matthew Calvin for an insight into how I style.

Necklace, Christmas candle and holly

Give yourself a break

One of the main reasons I'm sharing this information now is to save you any added stress at Christmas time. It may seem incredibly premature, but when you run a business, it can be helpful to adopt a more forward-thinking mindset. At Christmas, you want to be focusing on getting the orders out of the door; leaving the photography to me will help you do this.

And if you want even more of a helping hand, I also offer a range of social media services that strategize, manage and grow your online presence (check out how here). Geared towards Instagram and Facebook, my range of packages can take any added social media stress off your hands, so you can get everything else in order.


Book your Christmas photography shoot or social media management now via my contact form. If you want more of an insight into what I do, then check me out on Instagram.

GdL x



I'm Georgia, a styled product photographer, social media manager and content creator working with brands...

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