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How to Introduce Warmth Into Your Feed

How to introduce warmth into your Instagram feed

I think it's safe to say that autumn has definitely arrived. My morning walks with Spoke are becoming brisker by the day, and as I sit down at my desk with a cuppa in hand, I'm already finding myself reaching for a blanket and hot water bottle. But who can complain about the colder weather when you look outside? As the darker shades set in, deep reds and golden browns are in abundance. Cosy in the warmth of my own home, I love looking outside and enjoying the colourful show that defines autumn.

With this seasonal shift, you might want to start thinking about how your Instagram feed is going to adapt. Whether your brand’s aesthetic is naturally inclined to autumn or not, it's always a good idea to curate content that responds to the changing seasons, especially in the run up Christmas.

So today, I'm going to talk through some simple ways you can introduce warmth into your feed. If you're scrolling through Instagram already lusting after all the wonderful autumnal content, then keep reading to find out how you can be a part of it.

1. Do it gradually

The trick with any type of content shift, especially with Instagram, is to do it gradually. Before you dazzle your followers with striking shades and cosy colours, it's worth taking some time to plan how this content is going to merge with your previous aesthetic, especially if you're keen to keep on brand.

I always recommend starting with two lines worth (six posts) of new content. This keeps things consistent and gives your followers time to get used to a change in tone. Within these posts, try and pick out an autumnal colour that naturally engages your current theme. If you've been sharing a ton of summer posts, then maybe start with more golden shades, before moving onto deeper tones. Keep building it up and eventually you'll reach a stage where autumnal colours are part and parcel of your grid.

2. Use props from nature

With so much changing outside, it makes sense to head out there and make use of it all. From dried leaves, pine cones and foliage to the beautiful orangey hues of a Chinese lantern plant, there's so much in nature that can be used as photography props, and it's all free! Don't be afraid to give anything a lick of paint, particularly if you're aesthetic isn't naturally inclined to darker shades. For example, you might have a Scandinavian brand, so by painting some branches white and including these in the background of your autumnal pictures, you’ll remain consistent with your style.

Below is an image shot for Susie Faulks, who designs and manufactures vegan oilcloth bags, it's a great example of how you can tie in the colours in nature with the details in your product.

Autumnal Product Styling

3. Take shots outside

Whilst you're out there, you might as well get a few shots in the thick of it. The great outdoors is where autumn's at, especially if you live near the woods or even better, a pumpkin patch. Whether your brand is product or service based, lifestyle shots can really capture your business and engage your audience through the magic of autumn. If you live in the UK, there are so many stunning locations to get some really beautiful pictures, all of which I'm planning to sum up in my next post, so keep your eyes peeled.

4. Light it up

Any excuse to light a candle and I'm there. Whether it's potent with the smell of burning wood or not, candles emanate cosiness and light, especially as the days begin to shorten. Introducing a flickering flame in the background of a picture, or perhaps a few fairy lights, is a really subtle way to start bringing warmth to your feed.

Susie Faulks Bag

5. Warming beverages and food

If you're crazy and candles aren't your thing, then warm beverages - A.K.A a massive cup of tea - is another great way to inspire cosiness in a picture. If you want to go one step further and bring a bit of movement to your feed (yes this is possible), then have a look at Lumyer. An app that adds visual effects to your pictures, movement is a sure-fire way to catch the attention of your followers on Instagram; perhaps have a go at capturing the steam coming out of a hot drink or the flicker of a candle or two.

Above is another great example shot for Susie Faulks. The added cup of coffee and biscuits adds warmth and cosiness to the image.

Autumn Instagram Inspiration

6. Layers

I don't want to mention the cold too much, but soon the time will come for knitwear, mittens and woolly scarves. Introducing these elements to your feed can be a super simple way to capture warmth in the everyday. If you sell mugs, I'd suggest taking a photo of you holding it with a pair of gloves or maybe a sparkler in your other hand. Warmth isn't just in colour and products, it's in the feelings you evoke, so make your pictures memorable by making your followers feel the magic of autumn.


If you've enjoyed my tips on curating your Instagram feed for autumn, then I've got lots more social media advice on my blog and over on my Instagram. If you like what you see, then leave a comment below!



I'm Georgia, a styled product photographer, social media manager and content creator working with brands...

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