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Top UK Locations for an Autumnal Photoshoot

Black Labrador enjoying the autumn leaves

How Instagrammable is this time of year? The cold weather is starting to set in, everyone is slowing down and the beautiful colours that define this wonderful season are cropping up all around.

Last week, I shared my top tips for introducing warmth into your feed. Whilst you might love spending your time indoors and snuggling up with a cosy blanket, there's so much changing in the great outdoors that can make for some really striking photography. And regardless of where you are in the UK, there are so many beautiful locations that come alive at this time of year.

So today, I'm going to share with you my top Instagram locations for autumn. If, after reading, you've got any other settings in mind, then I'd love to know in the comments below.

Pumpkins for sale at pumpkin patch festival

Pumpkin Patches

Regardless of whether you celebrate Halloween or not, autumn and pumpkins come hand in hand.

On colder nights when the light fades early and everyone's tucked up in their homes with a hot water bottle, I love seeing the orange glow of pumpkins in the window. Whether you choose to carve them or cook them (pumpkin soup is the best!), their colour is incredibly striking, particularly if you want to take photographs and curate a feed that captures the heart and soul of autumn.

In the UK, plenty of farms open up their pumpkin patches to the public, hosting either pumpkin festivals or a simple few weeks of picking. Farrington Farm near Bristol do their own Spookely Pumpkin Festival, but there's also great patches at Farmer Copleys, Kenyon Hall Farm, Cattows Farm and Undley Pumpkin Patch.

Autumn tree

Westonbirt Arboretum

If you're on the hunt for somewhere truly stunning this autumn, then Westonbirt is THE place to be. Based in Gloucestershire, just near Tetbury, this National Arboretum has over 18,000 tree species in its grounds, so it's the perfect location to capture the colours of autumn. As the leaves transition into golden browns and russet reds, I love heading out in amongst the trees with family, friends and of course Spoke. A layered outfit shot under the canopy of the autumn leaves make for the ideal Instagram picture, especially if you're feed is all about style or the outdoors.

Autumn leaves

Coffee Shops

A stylish flat lay in a cosy coffee shop has to be one of my favourite parts of an autumnal Instagram feed. Whether you're enjoying a spiced pumpkin latte or just a simple cup of tea, it's moments like this that capture the essence of the colder seasons. For the perfect Instagram shot, it's worth including a hearty piece of cake in your picture for extra warmth. Try and stay away from clean, white coffee shops and try out a few rustic ones; if you're in Bristol, then check out Bakers & Co, Spicer + Cole, The Arts House Cafe and Albatross Cafe.


A Country Pub

Freshly cut wood and a crackling fire make for the perfect escape from the cold after a long countryside walk, and if you haven't got a fireside yourself, then there's no better place to relax than a British pub. Defined by dark oak, large armchairs and a good bowl of thick cut chips, there's pretty much a country pub along every rural lane in the UK, so I'm sure you've already got a local.

If you want to shoot in a truly traditional location, then I’d suggest having a visit to Frampton on Severn. This place will always be special to me because it's where my husband and I got married. Defined by thatched roofs and the longest village green in the UK, I just think this would be the most beautiful location for an autumnal photoshoot. There are two pubs on The Green, so there’s plenty of opportunities to capture a few cosy and warming shots in this stunning Gloucestershire town.

Black Labrador enjoying the autumn leaves

Migratory Birds

Have you looked up to the skies recently? If anything says autumn, it’s the flocks of migratory birds making their way to warmer climates. If you want to snap this natural wonder, then simply look up and see what you can capture (it might take a bit of patience but it’s totally worth it!).

Alternatively, you could visit somewhere like Slimbridge Wetland Centre, a wildlife reserve, for the chance to see migratory birds up close and personal. They suggest September as the best time of the year to capture some rare species from across the world, so it’s definitely worth a visit for unique photography this autumn.


What are your favourite Instagram locations this autumn? I'd love to know! Leave a comment below or say hello over on my Instagram.

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